The Demon Dictionary
Demon Dictionary   
The Leaders of Hellís Army

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The Names, Ranks, Seals, etc. of Satanís Angels

This book is in no way intended to exalt, glorify or promote these demons. But I think everyone (religious or not) has an obligation to know who these demons are and what they represent!

The Demon Dictionary

The Demon Dictionary

Most people believe that angels exist. But what about demons? Are demons real?

You bet they are!

When Satan fell from heaven, he was not alone. One third of all angels (his followers) were also bound to earth by God. These angels are what we commonly refer to as demons. Nearly all religious texts speak of demons and there acts. For instance, if you believe the bible to true, you must believe that demons most certainly exist. Demons are mentioned numerous times within this text alone.

While many people do believe in the existence of Satanís angels, few have bothered to discover their names or their purpose here on earth. There are legions upon legions of fallen angels, but there are only 72 high ranking demons that rule and command all the others. These are the leaders in Hell and will be the commanders of Satanís army at the final battle.

This book is an attempt to identify these primary demons and briefly describe their influences upon mankind. I have provided the name, rank, seal, and a description of the demon and the powers each can demonstrate or control. You will also find some of the early artistís renderings of how many of these demons will appear when summoned. However, since they are non-corporeal beings or spirits, Iím sure they can probably take any form they wish.

Most of the information within this book has been gleaned from the ancient text listed in the back. These demons were very familiar to the ancient writers and are still called upon today by witches, Satanists and those who practice black magic.

WARNING: Please exercise extreme caution when reading this book. Please do not read the actual demon names out loud. Although, elaborate conjuring rituals are usually required to summon these angels, why risk drawing attention to yourself or your family by speaking their names.

WARNING: In this book I have reproduced the seals which are used to identify each demon. Do not make copies of these, or place them on any objects owned by you or your family. This is a sign to the demon that these objects are his and you donít want to go there.

WARNING: In some cases I have briefly described how these demons may be summoned. Please do not attempt any of these rituals unless you really mean to summon the demon. I highly recommend you avoid doing this at all costs.

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